About Us

Welcome to Fomolooo.Why shop with us?

Our team has been online since 1996. We are familiar with and continue to apply updated security protocols for online shopping to make your experience with us a trusted one.
We reply to our customers promptly and in English.
All order shipping and delivery is monitored daily by Fomolooo staff.
We carefully screen products before we sell them to ensure our standards of quality and affordability are met.
We are always ready to improve our customers shopping experience by introducing new featured products in our store for example we now offer prescription lenses with frames (assembly is free) by selected brands.
We will be introducing a DYI PD value feature soon, so watch for that!
All tracking numbers issued to shipments will be emailed via our system automatically as soon they are available. If tracking number changes we will manually update it in the system.
From July 2021 and onward all online selling platforms now charge individual country customs and federal tax with a world tax which is between 10-25 %. Our customers won't get surprised by a tax they must pay before their purchases are delivered because that tax is paid for by Fomolooo.
We sell only from our website and not from other major platforms enabling Fomolooo to always offer great deals on unique brand products
We offer a selection of well over 10,000 exclusive items to choose from. We add products daily so check our New Arrivals
We are a consumer centered business and stand by our refund policy which is simply if you are not satisfied with your purchase contact us. If it satisfies the criteria listed in the returns page we will do our utmost to make this process as speedy and stress free as possible. In the event that it doesn't meet criteria, contact us anyway so we can at least offer you some sort of acceptable alternative.
Although we cannot guarantee a perfect shopping experience we will try our best to keep you satisfied and coming back for more!

Please email us at service@fomolooo.com if you need any assistant.